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Why Are Simply Southern Shirts So Popular?

Simply Southern shirts seem to be everywhere you look. And, they’re on men, women, and children. The brand has been around for years, but they’ve worked hard to become more mainstream – and now you can discover the joys of wearing the brand, too.

What is Simply Southern?

Simply Southern is an apparel company that dates back to 2005 and was started in Greensboro, North Carolina. The emphasis has and continues to be on appealing to the preppy American lifestyle. The shirts and other attire are characterized by vibrant and catchy designs.

As more and more people decided that they wanted to buy American-made products, the interest in Simply Southern grew. The brand started in a small mall kiosk and grew so that they have 27 retail stores throughout 12 states. Additionally, over 6,000 independent online and in-person retailers carry the brand.

The brand is also committed to giving back to the community. They donate a percentage of all of their proceeds to a number of organizations, including ChildFund International and sea turtle conservation efforts.

Why Has the Brand Become So Popular?

There are a number of reasons why the Simply Southern brand has become so popular and successful. You’ll find more and more people wearing the clothing – and it’s not limited solely to people who live in the southern states. The clothing has gained popularity all over – though the emphasis remains focused on the southern lifestyle.

A Commitment to Quality

Simply Southern has become synonymous with quality. It allows you to confidently invest in clothing for the family knowing that it’s going to last. You can enjoy soft cotton t-shirts, cozy pajamas, and so much more.

The company takes the time to source the best materials so that you can enjoy wearing all of the clothes. And as you see the designs on people everywhere you go, it’s clear that everyone else agrees, too – the clothes are comfortable and well-made.

A Wide Selection of Products

You can find plenty of clothing from Simply Southern, which means that you don’t have to limit yourself to just t-shirts. You will find long-sleeved shirts, hoodies, jackets, dresses, cheer shorts, socks, and even shoes.

You can shop for the whole family. Sizes and designs focus on men, women, and youth. It means that you can find designs that everyone will love – and there are even accessories for the dog.

The brand also has stepped outside of apparel for men and women to include accessories for the home. You can find tote bags, tumblers, beach loungers, phone cases, car coasters, notebooks, and even dog leashes.

With the availability of so many products, you can stick with the brand for all of your family’s needs.

New Inventory

Once you’ve found a brand that you love, you want to make sure that you embrace all that they have to offer. Simply Southern is always offering fresh and unique designs for every season. You can find bright prints and fun styles that appeal to the southern lifestyle.

Some of the collections that have come out in the past include animal prints, sunflowers, snakeskin, and palm trees. Plus, the catchy phrasing is always changing to stay as modern and updated as can be.

Beyond the designs, they’re also adding new products as various items come into popularity. It’s why they’ve created an outdoor tote that is similar to that of the Bogg tote (and this one is less expensive). You’ll also find new jewelry designs and other accessories for the home. It not only adds to your home décor but also provides you with countless gift-giving ideas throughout the year.

There Are Countless Themes

The Simply Southern line started out by offering a feminine look and adding a southern spin to it all. Over the years, they have added a variety of themes into their clothing so that there is more mass appeal.

Many of the southern traditions are woven into their themes and collections, including western, patriotism, hunting, and even southern locations. Essentially, anything you’d find south of the Mason-Dixon line, you’ll find it within the brand.

The brand has also become outdoor-friendly, which is why you’ll see everything from rubber clogs to outdoor and beach tote bags. Many boutiques that are outdoor-focused will carry the Simply Southern brand along with other outdoor brands, including Patagonia and The North Face.

Designs are Affordable

In a world where everything is more expensive, it’s important to find high-quality designs without spending a fortune. Simply Southern is designed as an affordable brand, making it easy for you to shop for fashionable clothing without spending a fortune.

There are always sales and deals that you can find when searching for the brand, too. Whether you are looking for last year’s designs or the latest collection, you can save money – and the boutique that you buy from may offer added discounts and/or free shipping, too.

How to Shop for Simply Southern Attire and Accessories

Simply Southern is a highly sought-after brand because of the preppy designs and the catchy slogans found on many of the tees and long-sleeve shirts. As you shop for the attire and accessories to fill your home, it’s important to choose an online boutique that you can trust.

Many brands have sought to duplicate the Simply Southern look. As such, you need to find a boutique that offers you the quality, branded clothing that you have come to expect – you don’t want to pay top dollar for knockoffs.

Imagine That Boutique is one of the online boutiques that you can rely on to find Simply Southern shirts for the whole family. It allows you to shop with confidence for the top designs – and new inventory is always coming in so that you can stay fashionable throughout the year.

As you begin to identify Simply Southern’s unique look, you’ll find that the designs are everywhere. The moment you slip into a tee or another piece of the brand’s clothing, you’ll realize why they have become so popular.

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