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top hiking essentials 2023

5 Things Every Hiker Needs in 2023

When you live in the city, getting out to the countryside to go hiking is a great way to decompress.

It allows you to exercise, enjoy the views, and get in touch with nature. However, in order for a hike to be successful, you will need a bit more than a sleeping bag, a tent, and a knife.

So, whether you are a hiker who is just starting out or you have a friend who is looking to begin hiking, here are some of the key things to invest in before trekking into that unknown terrain!

Water Carriers

In the wilderness, you will need water, even if you are hiking in cooler seasons.

Therefore, it is essential to buy a water canister or multiple water canisters, such as custom tumblers, lightweight bottles, and even hiking-based bottles. These are easy to refill, can come with filtration systems built in, and will also be shatterproof. There are few things worse than a water cannister shattering when it is dropped.

Appropriate Footwear

There is no point in hiking up a mountain in flip flops-how would you even do that?

When you begin your journey as a hiker traversing the wild, you need to make sure that the shoes that you use are waterproof, cushioned, hardy, and lightweight. Some people also aim to make sure that the shoes that they wear on hikes are flexible, as in some cases, the shoes restricting the range of movements of the foot can lead to sprains and strains on the ankle. How do you choose the best hiking shoe for you? Make sure you look at the reviews of the shoes on the website before buying them, and, of course, make sure you can fit heavy-duty socks underneath them.


You must have a backpack when you are hiking. More specifically, you need a backpack that can carry heavy loads, such as water, food, and a tent. Many hikers opt for backpacks that are waterproof, have cushioned shoulder pads, and have lots of compartments for all the bits you will need. You will also need to ensure that the backpack is roomier than other backpacks on the market, as you will need to store other essential items such as a portable first aid kit, a whistle, fire-starting tools, and spare batteries for the flashlight.

Navigation Tools

Yes, you will need a handheld compass! Even if you have one on your smartphone, it is important to have a non-digital backup. You should also have a non-digital map, a GPS device, and trail markers. That way, if you get lost, you won’t be wandering around in circles while trying to find your bearings.

Appropriate Clothing

You will also need appropriate clothing. Even if you are hiking in the middle of summer, it gets cold at night. Thus, you should make sure that your coat is thermal, that you have thermal clothing, and, of course, a few changes of socks, depending on how long you are planning to hike. Also, while it isn’t clothing, you should make sure that your sleeping bag has the correct thermal requirements.

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