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Skytorrents Alternatives: Top Sites to Explore

Best Alternatives to Skytorrents: Much mo1re different than the torrent sites that offer their trackers, Skytorrents runs its own metasearch engine, which indexes the torrents files available in several download sites like, Torrent9 or

The search engine offers thousands of files in the index, but for geeks among you, it is often challenging to find torrents in French since most of its files and films especially are in VO or English Subs.

What is Skytorrents?

Launched in February 2018, (not to be confused with is a clean, privacy-focused torrent search engine. Like Google/Yahoo but only for torrents (at least for now). This project is still in full development (Beta version).

Skytorrents user interface

The entire project is kept up to date by intelligent software. Manual intervention is limited but still there. Hundreds of new torrents are discovered every day and made available for research.

The strong points :

  • Free with unlimited access aspect privacy (no cookies)An extensive directory of torrent files simple and easy to use interface Skytorrent top 100 list: which offers a ranking of the top 100 most downloaded files.

The weak spots :

  • Pop-up advertising lacks French language filesSeeds/leechers indicators not always correct

For torrents fanatics who have been using for a long time, there is still hope. These best alternatives for Skytorrent will allow you to continue enjoying the torrents.

Is Watching Movies on Skytorrents Safe?

The use of Skytorrents involves several risks. Obviously, their success is almost entirely due to massive piracy, and downloading content that you know is pirated is illegal in almost every First World country. 

If you don’t mind, there are other risks to consider. Skytorrents has been around for a while, which shouldn’t be reassuring.

Between the age of the site and the legal issues they have had, you can take it as an absolute fact that they have a target on them when it comes to MPAA.

Today, we find on the web several copies/clones of Skytorrents, which is used daily to watch movies and series in free streaming, in this article, we are interested in the free alternatives of

15 Best Alternatives to Skytorrents in 2020

The authority of the sites listed below has been verified, and their administrators are proud of their quality and reputation. Quality of files, number of seeders, diversity of content… here is our list of the five best torrent sites like Skytorrents:

1. (Editor’s choice)

skytorrent proxy

When Torrentz2 first emerged on the scene in 2016, indexing over 60 million torrents, the entire torrent community was shocked. Best alternative to Skytorrents

Now, only two years after its launch, the Torrentz2 search engine (not to be confused with and ) is recommended as the best alternative to Skytorrents, and we agree. is an exact copy of the original website and indexes over 60 million torrent files. It provides exactly the same experience as Torrentz but does not yet allow bookmarks, comments, or votes to users.

2. The Pirate Bay

skytorrents movies

The iconic Pirate Bay boat continues its voyage, and all new pirates are welcome on board.

The Pirate Bay is more than a classic torrent site. It represents the very spirit of file sharing, and its founders could write books on the consequences of believing in digital freedom.

The Pirate Bay links and proxies:


3. 1337x

sky torrents

At first glance, 1337x looks like a more refined version of the Skytorrents search engine. It has a distinctly dark look and easy-to-navigate design with large buttons for individual stream categories.


You can see which torrents are currently trending, which are the 100 most downloaded torrents, or simply search for torrents as you would on the Skytorrents search engine.

List of 1337x links:


4. IsoHunt

is skytorrents safe

isoHunt is another popular torrent indexing site that provides a multitude of torrents from different categories. On isoHunt, you can easily search for torrents, browse different sections, download, and download torrents of your choice.

Best Alternatives to Skytorrents – Isohunt

In 2013, isoHunt lost a long legal battle with MPAA and agreed to pay $ 110 million in the settlement. That said, isoHunt is backed up and works under a different domain name, and you can use it as an alternative to Skytorrents.

5. Monova

sky torrents

Monova – Interface:

Monova is another alternative to since it provides a detailed search engine function to torrent users. In addition, the torrent site needs your registration, and this registration helps you download your content immediately.

6. (Closed)


DPStream is among the Streaming sites that stand out. It is free and has fresh content. It’s, without a doubt, the most suitable alternative to the Skytorrents site for watching free online streaming in French.



Fmovies interface:

fmovies offers a large collection of Free Movies online, and you can watch movies online in high quality for free. Note that most films and series are in OV and VOST.

8. cpasbien18


cpasbien18 offers a strong base of thousands of movies and the episode of TV series in streaming. Be careful not to confuse the green button marked download, which is an ad with the blue buttons below (the real ones). 

Apart from this flat, the site is functional for those who like to use the torrent now that Hadopi is no longer.

9. Filmstreami

skytorrent proxy


The Filmstreami site is a real discovery with a simple interface, streaming series, films, and anime. All with several reader’s histories of having no dead link so as not to spoil your evening! 

Use it if you want a simple Skytorrents alternative to watch movies for free.


skytorrents website

Far from being the best alternative to Skytorrents, but is a clone of the original Putlocker site. The site also offers streaming links to several hundred films and series, most of them in the original version. 

Note that the site is full of advertising, which will make (maybe) your viewing quest a little hard.


skytorrents movies

And another clone spstream,, offers Series and movies streaming HD that lets you view your events with ease and without registration.


is skytorrents safe

With more than 12,000 films and a dozen players, you will easily find something to do on VF-Stream. Originality, the readers in the link on the left are for watching movies in VOSTFR, and the reader links on the right will allow you to watch the movies and series in VF. Simple and efficient!

13., undoubtedly one of the best alternatives to Skytorrents free to watch film streaming in French. On VK streaming, you can watch all the movies you want.

Note that the site only offers streaming movies, not downloads.

14.  See film is a free streaming site, Films, and TV series, the site offers a vast library direct streaming via third-party players such as Openload,, etc.

The site is simple to use and does not contain much advertising.

15. LibertyVF


If you don’t like to read subtitles and prefer to watch movies and TV series in VFMoviezwap is for you. With a well-filled and often updated catalog with news, the site offers many films and series in the streaming of excellent quality and without registration.

Is the torrent legal?

Can I be sued for downloading torrents? These are just some of the inquiries that concern all torturers. The answer is yes, and no. Let me explain.

Like any digital file on the Internet, there are legal and illegal sources to download it. If you stick to public domain torrent sites, you have nothing to worry about. 

However, if you stick to illegal sources like Kickass Torrents, Lime Torrents, or Pirate Bay, you can face serious knock-on effects.

Besides legal issues, torrenting also poses privacy concerns

Since torrent clients openly display users’ IP addresses so peers can see them, anyone can know what you’ve done with torrent.

This, of course, leaves you with only one choice, that of using a VPN.


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