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10 Trending Designs of Salwar Kameez To Look Ethereal

The trend of sporting a salwar kameez started from a small state in the northwestern part of India and soon spread all across the country. Salwar suits, which are now available in multiple colours, fabrics, and designs, have rightfully conquered the heart of every woman. Today a salwar kameez is a staple in the wardrobes of women, not just in India but also in other countries.

Creating an ethereal look is easy with the wide range of trending salwar kameez designs that are flooding the market. But with the numerous salwar kameez designs available online, it can become a little confusing to choose one particular design that best suits you. But fret not! Here is a list of the top 10 trending salwar kameez designs that will make the search for a perfect salwar kameez a lot easier for you.

Buy the most trending salwar kameez design online and dazzle


There are several kinds of salwar kameez designs that are now available online. This makes finding these trendy designs even easier. So, why wait? Shop for these trending salwar kameez suits and get ready to make heads turn!

Light and airy lawn suits

A very popular girls salwar kameez, lawn suits are popular because of the comfort they offer, especially during the hot summer times. They are usually made with very lightweight material with gorgeous patchwork and embroidery.

The kameez is usually long and has a straight cut with sequins, thread, and zari work done on it. The kameez, with its intricate decoration, the churidar, and stylish dupatta collections are all made up of superior quality lawn fabric. Lawn suits come in multiple colours like pink, lemon yellow, white, etc. Opt for a lawn suit if you want to look effortlessly elegant.

Pretty Patiala salwar kameez

Patiala salwar suit is also famously known as a Punjabi salwar kameez due to its popularity in the Punjab region. The feature that makes the Patiala salwar suit stand out is its gorgeously pleated and loose-fitting Patiala pants. The Patiala pants are paired with a long tunic or kurta, along with a silk or chiffon dupatta.

A Patiala salwar kameez is extremely comfortable. And therefore, it is the best pick if you wish to look stunning and enjoy absolute freedom of movement. These suits also come in all types of colours, from classic red, yellow, orange to delicate colours like mauve, pastel blue, etc. Create a jaw-dropping look with a Patiala salwar suit without having to compromise on comfort.

Flared frock kurti salwar kameez

Take a simple salwar kameez, add to it a frilled frock-like bottom, and you get the frock kurti salwar set. Popularised by Bollywood divas, the frock kurtis are an unconventional modern take on the age-old design of the salwar kameez.

They are perfect when you want to be the centre of everybody’s attention. The frivolous beauty of a frock kurti set comes in various colours; these suits are also interesting mixes of contrasting colour palettes.

Simple straight salwar kameez

A straight salwar kameez dress is the most common type of salwar kameez design you can find. Beautiful batik prints and paisley motifs are a staple in most straight salwar kameez suits. But some straight salwar suit designs also come with exquisite zari or sequin embroidery.

These are also available in a plethora of colours ranging from burgundy to olive green, white to yellow, and a lot more. A straight salwar suit is also perfect for almost any occasion, from ceremonies to parties, as it gives off a very traditional vibe when adorned.

Elegant long straight-cut churidar

One of the latest salwar kameez designs, the long straight-cut churidar, is gaining popularity because of the lavish design and the regal look it offers. A long straight-cut churidar usually comes with an extensive amount of colourful embroidery done on it. The embroidery can range from floral Resham work to intricate zari and sequin work.

These salwar kameez suits usually come in a single colour that emphasises the length of the churidar and makes the embroidery stand out. You can pair a long straight-cut churidar with pump heels and elegant danglers to achieve an influential look.

Stylish jacket or shrug-style salwar kameez

When looking for a new salwar kameez design, you are bound to encounter the jacket or shrug style salwar kameez. With every salwar suit, having a dupatta around the neck is a common sight. But to some, this dupatta can be a bit bothersome to handle. If you are one of them, this jacket or shrug-style salwar set is just perfect for you.

In this type of salwar kameez, the dupatta is usually pre-stitched to the kameez. This ensures that you do not have to keep a watch on your dupatta constantly. If you are about to attend a Sangeet ceremony, choose the comfort this suit offers and dance your way to everyone’s heart.

Formal front open salwar kameez

Most salwar kameez designs give off a casual vibe and better suit a party or ceremony. But if you are going to a formal event, you can choose to go for the formal front open salwar kameez.

This salwar kameez usually features contrasting colours of the salwar and the kameez along with minimal embroidery, creating a very sophisticated look. With a contrasting colour, the sleeves feature a cuff with no embroidery.

The kameez ends just below the knees and has a front slit and collar on the neck. Bring home this formal front open salwar set to be prepared for all the formal occasions you may come across.

Traditional anarkali kurta

Inspired by the royal look of the grand anarkali churidar set, the anarkali kurta design is slowly making its way into the ever-evolving world of fashion. It features heavy embroidery on the kameez and the dupatta and a flared silhouette. It truly embodies the majestic look of the Mughal era. An anarkali kurta is an outfit that you must keep for a special occasion where you want to make heads turn.

Gorgeous floor-length suit

One of the hottest trending designs online, the floor-length suit emanates pure elegance, grace, and sheer luxury. A floor-length kameez that features heavy embroidery with detailed zari, stone, and sequin work around the neck, gives off luxurious vibes. You can pair the kameez with a simple salwar along with a net or chiffon dupatta to complete the elegant ensemble.

Glamourous sharara salwar kameez

The sharara salwar kameez is the latest trend in the market, and quite rightfully so! The sharara salwar suit has a flared-out silhouette and makes you seem taller.

Don a sharara salwar suit with a pair of flats and minimalistic jewellery to look like a gorgeous queen.

Parting words

When looking for salwar kameez online, there are volumes of designs available. Embody the tradition and culture these dresses reflect with an air of confidence and elegance. We hope this article will help you choose a design that suits you perfectly and brings out the diva in you.

So, why wait? Get shopping now!

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