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Interior Design: Showcasing Your Personality

 It can be hard to know how to design your home’s interior and with so many options it can be difficult to determine what feels like your true style. You may not even be sure what your style is when it comes to getting dressed every morning and picking a style that is truly your own for your home — a space that you might not update that often — can be daunting. Here are some styles to consider that can help you determine how to showcase your personality in your home.


You could be a minimalist if you feel comfortable wearing all black or have a closet full of white T-shirts. Minimalists often have uncluttered homes and tend to prefer simple furnishings and understated decor. If you aren’t sure if you are a minimalist, or if you aspire to be one, think about how your home is now and whether you’d feel more comfortable with less. What’s great about the minimalist aesthetic is that once you declutter your home, it can be easy to go minimalist, perhaps with Scandinavian-design furniture and keeping it simple with wood, white, and maybe a couple of accents. The only issue with a minimalist design could be keeping it that way if you are prone to clutter. Minimalist designs are generally favorable for staging your home to sell

City Lights

Modern looks can be an ideal choice for city apartments. Similar to minimalist, just add bold artwork or striking signs like those on the Neon Mama website, an accent wall, or bold accent pillows. Accents in red, turquoise, or yellow can create an interior that has energy and is ready to welcome guests for dinners and cocktail parties. Picking modern furnishing can make it easier to keep your decor simple while adding the energy of the city.

Flower Child

If you can’t get enough of gardening and plants, then you might want to consider a flower child aesthetic for your home. That could equal lots of hanging plants, incorporating natural fibers like bamboo and linen, and adding as much light as possible. You could also bring your garden inside by removing heavy drapes, and maybe adding planter boxes on your windows. Keep the color muted with natural accents along with candles and maybe even some crystals to complete the look.

Country Living

No matter where you live, you might long for country living and this can be reflected in your home’s decor. Gingham curtains, marble sinks, and brass finishing can all bring some country personality into your home. Vintage sideboards and floral upholstered chairs can also add to the country theme. Plants and window herb gardens can be added in the kitchen, or even the living room.

If you aren’t sure which style is best for you, start by creating a Pinterest board to pin your favorite home decor examples, and then see if a theme emerges. This can help you decide which direction to go. If you aren’t sure, start with a few simple pieces and then add or subtract as needed. 

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