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How To Use Clothes to Bond with Children

Clothes are a big part of our everyday life, and they can mean much more than just keeping our bodies covered. They are often a sign of creativity, identity, and expression, which could all get a little lost if a child has not had a regular or stable upbringing. They also might not have been allowed to express themselves through clothes or have been given the money to choose something for themselves. Whatever the situation, there is always an opportunity to bond with your children over clothes.

This piece will discuss how you can use clothes to bond with children. Read on to find out more.

Let Them Choose Their Own Clothes

First and foremost, letting your children have some sort of control over what is in their wardrobe can come with a whole host of benefits. Not only are they being trusted to pick something out for themselves from the store, but it can also facilitate confidence in themselves when it comes to trusting their own judgment. The best way to do this is to be clear about what stores you are happy for them to shop in and what the budget is. You will have to judge whether they are comfortable doing this or if they might need a little encouragement, and this will vary from child to child!

Let Them Dress Themselves

Letting children dress themselves gives them a chance to express themselves and have autonomy over how they look and what they wear. Of course, to some children, in a perfect world, they could dress half mermaid half astronaut 4/7 days a week, and perhaps flip flops and a cowboy hat for the other 3, but that just sometimes is not realistic. If you are having some trouble getting your children to pick something suitable, then offer them a choice out of outfits instead. This means they are still making a choice, but it will be out of something suitable for the day. This can work particularly well with foster children, who might feel overwhelmed making a choice. If you are interested in giving a child a home, and of course, clothes, head over to FCA for more information.

Explore Styles Together

It is important to spend time with children to bond with them but also take an active interest in their interests too. When it comes to clothes, instead of focusing on a style you would like the children to wear, consider exploring different styles together. This can help facilitate a bonding session and help you get to know the kinds of aesthetics they prefer to others. Not only will this allow you to learn something new about your children, but it also helps them explore themselves and their own preferences too. This can be extremely important to growth and happiness for them.

You do not have to spend a ton of money to bond with children over clothes. You just have to implement the regular strategies which any bonding activity needs, such as trust and listening skills.

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