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Fashion, Fitness, Food: The Beauty Benefits Of Living In Bangkok

When you hear the name Bangkok, what is the first thing that springs to your mind? Is it the bright neon lights and bustling nightlife; vibrant market stalls and roadside dives; tuk tuks and traffic; towering luxury hotels with exquisite roof-top cocktail bars; gilded temples and opulent royal palaces; or river cruises and reclining Buddha’s?

Bangkok is a remarkable place that means something different to everyone who experiences it. But, what people rarely associate with Bangkok is beauty, health, and fitness.

Contrary to what might spring to mind, Bangkok has so much more to offer than a great party and a banging Pad Thai – and in this article we’re going to discuss them. Let’s look at the beauty benefits of living in Bangkok!

1.    An unrivalled cuisine

Thai food is unparalleled and there is no question about it. Not only is it one of the most colourful and varied cuisines in the world, but it is renowned for being especially healthy as well.

In the West, most people consider ‘food’ to be anything with chips and ketchup on the side. And while that’s great for a treat now and again, it’s not good for you.

Fortunately, living in Bangkok grants you access to an ocean of healthy foods – quite literally everywhere you turn. And don’t get us started on the fruit!

2.    An explosion of fitness centres

Bangkok is obsessed with fitness and you can find gyms and martial arts classes everywhere! In fact, Muay Thai is one of Thailand’s biggest obsessions so if you are keen to live in a city where you can learn a martial art and get into excellent shape, you’ll love Bangkok.

3.    Parks galore

Another great benefit to living in Bangkok – which is often overlooked – is the wealth of parks the city has. There are a number of huge green spaces available for you to use and explore with many more under way.

What could be better for your beauty routine than regular runs in the park, plenty of sunshine, and some fresh air?

4.    World-class healthcare and medical tourism

Bangkok is renowned for boasting some of the most advanced and impressive healthcare facilities in the world. Not only that, but the cosmetic industry in Bangkok is one of the highest rated destinations in the world for cosmetic surgery and beauty treatments.

5.    Fast fashion

If you love shopping and buying new clothes, then Bangkok will feel like walking into a dream! Not only are there countless shopping malls with the biggest names in international fashion, but you can find a seemingly endless supply of local clothes stalls and boutiques down practically every street and alley way!

Conclusion – Bangkok IS Beautiful

Bangkok truly is a beautiful place to live and it can benefit your health, fitness, and general well-being in so many ways. Take Supalai Veranada Rama 9 as a prime example: this accommodation, like many other condominium developments boasts a fitness room, swimming pool, and a variety of other facilities that will be free to use for residents. In other words, wherever you choose to live in Bangkok, the chances are that you’ll have a free gym and swimming pool at your disposal. It doesn’t get much better than that!

There’s no question that living in a big city can be stressful at times – taking its toll on many people. However, with so many ways to alleviate stress and focus on your well-being, you’d be surprised by the amazing and positive effects it can have in your life!

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