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College days are the special moments of your life that you will cherish forever. We all wish to look our best, particularly in this contemporary age of social media and endless visual content.  Whether male or female, we all understand the pain of eyeing that stunning piece of apparel but walking past it, thanks to our empty wallets. Budget fashion is never always easy, but it is worth the result and can be a fun, long-term, and adventurous approach to expand your wardrobe without breaking the bank and seriously believe me, buying clothing liquidation truckloads from stores like is the best thing you can do. Today I’m here to share tips on how to stay fabulous, fresh and shockingly attractive while sticking to a student budget! Let’s begin!

  • Define your Fashion & Let go of the ‘Branded’ Styles

Looking stunning with little resources is very much conceivable. Nevertheless, you have to define your fashion style. Never purchase stuff unless you are in love with it.  If you walk away and yet think about it, then go back and get your hands on it.   Check out the trendy collections and fashion blogs and pick the approximate style and colours that you desire. Wearing branded clothing is only a whim and it doesn’t prove anything. If you see around, there are few other companies who create high class clothing at way more reasonable rate. To save money, be organised enough to pre-plan your shopping, so that you can purchase off-season. Benefit- they’ll be damn cheap and wearing branded stuff and being fashionable at a low budget is quite easy.

Ø Estimate your Fashion Budget

Considering the fact that students are great at handling finances, this is your time to shine! Why not estimate your fashion budget? Re-investigate your closet.  When you don’t have enough money to shop all the time, you can generate new looks with what is already sitting in your closet if you wear things in different styles.  Layering is key and don’t fear to experiment with lots of it! Always gravitate towards quality stuff that can last for a longer time.                                                         

Ø Check-out Neighbourhood Discount Stores

If you fancy offline shopping more, go for discount shops and vintage stores. They have a broad range of goods and brands that looks cool, including the high-end ones which are less pricey. You don’t always have to visit the mall. Take your time hunting through the racks of apparel. I repeat: make sure you do it thoroughly. That is because generally, there are several hidden fashion gems in the back of the shelves, unable to be seen or purchased by any. And don’t forget to haggle!

  • Did anyone say Online Discounts?

Sales are your best friends from now onwards. If you run out of time to shop, you can be the absolute gold-digger, since the world of online shopping can offer you plenty of coupons, deals, offers, and obviously, season sales. Costumes you added to your cart, but never succeeded to checkout due to the sole reason of being broke, can be purchased at half the cost if there’s a juicy discount going on. Always cross-check various retailers for the best deal! Finally, browse online to check if you are lucky enough to get some of your money back via a cash-back website.

Ø Search for E Coupons

E coupons are similar to loyalty cards; you just can save up to 50% and further more on such coupons for the most reputed brands like Gucci, Armani, Prada etc. There are numerous E coupon fashion trends that you could possibly check out, so keep your eyes wide open for those. Do not refrain from using discount codes made for students – your student id will do wonders here!

  • Long-live Tailor-masters

For those apparels that are too designer or chic to be usually available or in your budget, you can find yourself a clothier. This fella is literally the solution to all your costume-related problems. You will only need to purchase the fabric, and he/she can sew you properly-fitted attire at an amount lesser than the market.

  • Fashion in-and-out

Sick of constantly following what’s in and out of trend? Try not to be carried away too much by what’s on fashion. Invest in timeless costumes that never go out of fad which is basics like white tees. Needless to say, these basic clothes aren’t expensive. You can style it in many ways. A scarf a day can keep the basic clothes at bay. You can look up the various methods to wear a scarf – turning it into a dress, sarong or a shrug. Besides, they’re highly affordable! You can also add accessories to make a statement!


As you can already see, shopping on a budget is not that arduous. It just needs a wee-bit of patience and a tinge of creativity. You will always recall these student days, so make sure you are one hundred percent happy when attending school or colleges. You should flaunt your favourite dresses and feel great every time. Keeping in mind these tips, go ahead and rock your campus looks!

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