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Choosing a Designer Backpack for Men

One of the questions I’ve been asked the most is what men should be looking for when it comes to buying a designer bag. You may think there aren’t any differences between men’s and women’s bags, but there are distinct differences where luxury is concerned. So, to ensure your investment isn’t wasted, here’s what you need to keep in mind when buying men’s designer bags. 

 Style Matters

It can be insanely tempting to buy into the trends you’re seeing all over social media, but these bags are not known to be classic bags that you’ll want to reach for time and time again. Designer bags are fundamentally an investment, so it’s important to invest in something classic that you’ll actually enjoy for years to come, and this is especially important for a first designer bag. When it comes to resale value, trendy bags don’t hold their value as much as classic bags, so that’s important to keep in mind too. 

Before making a purchase, ask yourself if you can visualise yourself using the bag in five to ten years from now. If the answer is unclear or a no, you may just try to resell the bag in a year or two from now. 

That being said, if you do want to invest in a trendy leather bag, go for it, as long as you love it and don’t mind it going unworn until the trend comes back, it’s all up to you.  

Pro Tip: I like making a list of brands I’m considering and then I check which brands have the most price increases. If you purchase a classic bag from a brand that has price increases each year, its resale value goes up, and it becomes a heirloom piece.

Factor in Colour

Colour is the first thing to consider when buying a designer bag. Keep in mind that bright colours are fun, but can be difficult to pair with many outfits, and as a result can make your bag less useful than you first thought, you may not be able to wear them as much or with as many clothes you already have. Even if you want to purchase a bright coloured bag, these bags often don’t retain their original value as well as neutral coloured bags.

Pro Tip: Neutral colours are my favourite choice because they can be paired with almost any outfit and neutral colours are always classy. Dark neutral bags are better than lighter colours such as beige or white because they are less likely to get dirty and will keep them looking like new for way longer.

Consider Closures and Straps

Now that you have a style you enjoy, and a colour to match your vibe, you need to think about the closures, because they are a huge factor as to if you end up actually using the bag. If its hard to open and close, it’s just too much work to actually use. One great example is the bag style where you unhook a flap and then open a zip. Imagine opening this bag in line for coffee at your local café, its peak time, people are waiting, you’re fumbling with the fastenings, it’s not ideal. Beyond this, straps matter too. Even if you get a briefcase, it needs to be comfortable to carry, if it’s a shoulder or cross body strap, it’s at least got to be wearable. In this case, paying attention to the details and maybe visiting the boutique to try the bag on is a good idea. 

Pro Tip: If you’re a no-nonsense type, you could go for a backpack, this is something you can use in pretty much any situation, just make sure the straps are comfortable (chain backpacks look great but feel terrible). One of my favourite men’s bags are the Louis Vuitton City Keepall, they have a jacquard strap and are made of Aerogram leather, with just a good classic zip to do the job.

Choose Something Versatile

You get the best of both worlds if the designer bag you’re considering buying can be used for the day and the night. This is the sign of a versatile bag. 

Factors to consider when considering versatility include the overall look and size of the bag. If your bag looks very structured and casual, it’s probably something you don’t want to use for dinner events at night. I like luxury backpacks because they’re  the perfect bag for any occasion, as you can take it with you to the airport on a vacation, or you can cut yourself a nice figure with an after-work drink.

Pro Tip: For your first luxury purchase it’s a great idea to opt for something classic in a medium size. So it can hold everything you want it to, without being too bulky.


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