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3 Flowers That Suit Every Wedding Theme

Currently planning your wedding?  Well, one of the biggest considerations during the entire process is the concept or theme. Your wedding theme is a crucial aspect that’ll set the tone, determine the mood and story of the entire celebration, and serve as your guide in making each critical decision. 

Today, with a plethora of fun and sophisticated motifs, styles, and ideas, you can get creative with your theme choices. With so many variations, you can definitely personalize a concept based on your and your partner’s preferences, personality, and the like.  From accents, to accessories, down to your flowers, weddings are a perfect opportunity to materialize your imagination and express your creativity.

Wedding Flowers

If you opt to hire a florist for your wedding, it would be great to look for a professional who understands your wedding vision. To note, your florist will not only help you materialize your dream wedding, but they can also help you look for means to style the event without stretching out from your allocated budget. 

Alternatively, if you’re willing to solely arrange the flowers, you may draw inspiration for the branding by recalling your love story or simply taking into account the season during the event. By looking for seasonal, freshest flowers for your big day, you can turn your wedding flower ideas into a reality while staying on budget. Take note that most flowers can get pricey, especially when they’re not in season.

To guide you, below is a list of flowers that’ll suit your wedding theme.

  • Rose

You can never go wrong with a classic rose. This is particularly true if you plan to have a traditional or even a garden wedding. With formal and clean-cut accents or even with pastel linens, roses can enhance your motif due to their natural elegance and aesthetics. Apart from this, roses are generally available all year round. 

With loads of color and size variations to choose from, you can definitely assemble a bouquet that’s unique to your preferences. For instance, hybrid tea roses are commonly known for their classic shape and durability. These are the perfect option if you plan to repurpose your flowers for your venue’s décor. Likewise, garden roses look more lush and natural compared to the other types due to their freeform shape. 

Furthermore, with their widespread availability, roses can flawlessly suit any wedding season. On top of this, these flowers may be reasonably priced due to their large supply. 

Generally, roses symbolize love, admiration, and purity. For this reason, as the bride, it would be adorable to manifest how you truly feel for your loved one through a bouquet of roses. On the groom’s end, there are various stylish groom ideas that incorporate roses; just look for ones that can easily complement your wedding’s motif.

  • Tulips

Tulips are regarded as the go-to flowers for nearly every occasion. Also, tulips can complement nearly each concept due to their rich color variations, soft textures, and sleek, oblong-shaped petals. 

Furthermore, if you prefer to perform a DIY flower arrangement to stay on budget, look for pastels, crisp whites, red, peach and other common varieties that you can easily pair up with other flowers. For example, you can easily incorporate peonies to brighten up and achieve a more textured bouquet or centerpiece arrangement.

Native to Eurasia and North Africa, tulips are one of the most well-known flowers during spring season. Nonetheless, in spite of their availability during spring, floral shops continue to have a steady supply of tulips all year long. With this, tulips have easily become a customer favorite.

  • Succulents

 There are several ways and ideas on how you can creatively utilize succulents. For instance, you may pair them together with flowers of various hues, or use them on your bridal bouquet or as cake toppers. 

Moreover, succulents are heat-resistant, thus, they can be excellent flowers that can be integrated with any traditional or outdoor wedding affair. On top of this, succulents can be adorable, great wedding favors that your loved ones can conveniently take home.

With a myriad of forms and colors, tulips can add a lovely, natural, and refreshing touch to the entire wedding motif. With this in mind, you may want to consider and add these flowers on your wedding flower checklist.

Final Thoughts

Wedding flowers are one of the crucial elements that’ll complete your big day. To help narrow down your options and stay on budget, it would be best to choose seasonal flowers. Likewise, you may also identify the factors that resonate with you as a couple. From there, you may draw inspiration as to which plants you’d want to include in your final flower arrangement.

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