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Benefits of Pearl: A Natural Gem for Wellness

The pearl ‘moti’ is an organic gemstone produced by mollusk found inside an oyster or mussel shell. The chemical composition of pearl is calcium carbonate in crystalline form, and its hardness is 2.5 to 5 out of 10 on the Mohs scale.

For years, people have been using pearls for jewelry and other purposes, and even today, it has become one of the most desired and expensive gems in the world, with a history more than 4000 years old. Pearls have been associated with many myths, fables, and stories passed on from generation to generation throughout the millennia.

Modern science has revealed some amazing facts about the pearl stone, its medicinal values, astrological uses, health benefits, and spiritual powers. Let us look at these fascinating properties to understand why pearls are called “the queen of gems.”

Enchanting Beauty and Aura

Pearls have been treasured for their beauty and symbolism for thousands of years. They were first used in jewelry by Egypt, Greece, and Rome, who believed pearls carried magical powers. The Chinese even noted that opalescent shells found in the Philippines could be carved into spheres, called “pearls.”

Perfect for Meditation and Spiritual Sojourn

Tibetan Buddhism has a long tradition of using pearls for meditation since the sheen of pearls is said to reflect the light of Buddha. Some Tibetan monasteries are known to place large pearls on altars of deities.

Pearls are also associated with spiritual wisdom, truth, and purity. It preserves peace in the environment where it is placed. These stones are used to eliminate all negative energies in the body, mind, and soul. Pearl gemstone has been dramatically cherished for its purity, divine beauty, and ability to bring peace and serenity to life.

Helps Deal with Stress

Wearing a pearl necklace can help you deal with stress and anxiety. The curved surface of this gemstone enhances blood circulation and thus helps reduce stress. It is also known to keep your mind active and alert by increasing concentration and memory power.

The presence of calcium carbonate in pearls makes them highly beneficial when it comes to boosting the immunity power of your body. This can help you fight against various infections and diseases effectively while keeping you fit and fine.

Higher Energy Levels

It has been found that sleeping with pearls next to you increases your energy levels the following day. This can happen because pearls have high concentrations of silicon in them, which helps produce hemoglobin in the body that transports oxygen to various parts of our body and improves overall health.

Promotes Positivity

People who have constant negative thoughts are advised to wear a pearl stone necklace or keep pearls under their pillow at night. Doing so will reduce stress and help a person sleep better at night. In addition to this, meditating with the help of pearls can also bring positive energies to your life.

Pearls absorb the negative energies around us and keep away bad luck, nightmares, stress, anxiety, body pain like arthritis or menstrual cramps. They can also aid in sleep by protecting the wearer from night terrors, bad dreams, and an overactive mind before sleeping.

Promotes Love and Happiness

Wearing a pearl bracelet can help you enhance your love life. They are said to promote the heart chakra, and if worn by couples, they can help strengthen their bond of love. Pearls also symbolize compassion and devotion, and thus wearing them is believed to bring happiness to your life.

The wearer will be able to deal with issues related to the heart and have peace of mind, suppress negative emotions, and have a positive outlook on life. The stone is believed to help the wearer earn respect from others, conquer fear and achieve spiritual enlightenment.

Heals Anger

Pearls are believed to heal anger, greed, frustration, and mental stress. It is advised to regularly keep pearls or pearl jewelry with you if you suffer from these afflictions since they are known to control the excess production of cortisol in your body that triggers negative emotions.

The wearer can also get relief from stress and anxiety by wearing pearls. They help prevent muscle spasms, insomnia, mood swings and enhance concentration. Women struggling with postpartum depression can also wear pearls or keep them on their bedside tables to prevent symptoms associated with this condition.

Good for Skin and Hair

Pearls look stylish and can help treat various skin and hair problems. They contain minerals like zinc, sulfur, and calcium that promote smooth and healthy skin. The healing power of pearls also helps in curing split ends, wrinkles, blemishes, acne scars, and other signs of aging.

The use of pearls in hair treatments has also gained prominence of late. They can help reduce dandruff, promote hair growth and give you solid and lustrous hair. Pearl powder is often used along with henna to treat various skin problems like scars, blemishes, irritations, psoriasis, etc.

Maintain Oral Health

The use of pearls has been found to prevent tooth decay, gum pain, and bleeding gums. Dentists advised it to keep a pearl gemstone in the mouth while going for dental procedures. The stone is also used as an alternative solution to relieve toothache without visiting your dentist’s office.

Cures Eye-related Problems

Pearls can be used to heal disorders related to the eyes. They are believed to cure problems like blurry vision, eye fatigue, strain, allergies, burning sensation in or around the eyes, and others. You can place a pearl in your mouth when experiencing any of these symptoms or keep them on your bedside table.

Pearls have been around for a long time, and they have an important place in history and mythology. They are beautiful and have tremendous healing powers that can help you deal with various problems of your body and mind. All you need to do is find a pearl bracelet that matches your style.

Buying the pearl gemstone can be easy with the right supplier. You can find stores like GemPundit that offer pure and untreated gemstones at the right real pearl price. You can ask for a free lab certificate from the seller to authenticate the clarity and quality of the pearl stone.

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