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What are safety work shoes and why they are important

Nowadays a wide variety of professions require their employees to keep their feet secure and protected. Even though a lot of people don’t see feet protection as a priority, many small accidents that can happen in the workplace, and that can irreversibly damage workers’ ability to walk.

Accidents at work are in fact much more frequent than one might think: they represent a very serious problem, which however can be minimized by adopting some small and simple precautions.

Even though in the past the health and safety of workers was always put in the background, in most workplaces some strict rules have been introduced to grant workers a safer environment and greater protection from potential accidents.

As a matter of fact, there are many working environments that may require this type of precautions, such as the sanitary, construction, manufacturing, transportation, food and retail field.

That’s why safety work shoes have been invented. They are in fact special shoes specifically designed to meet the needs of a great variety of workers that can guarantee higher levels of safety in the workplace but also comfort and elegance.

Safety work shoes and boots come in many different styles, including safety sneakers, slip-on boots, steel toe shoes and boots, rubber clogs, lace ups and so much more.

For a better comprehension of this matter keep reading: in the following paragraphs we will show you why safety work shoes are so important and how to choose the best one according to your work environment.

Why are safety work shoes so important?

As previously mentioned, a large number of work environments hide menaces capable of endangering the health of employees. You can take a look at sites like to see the wide range of hazard signs available for businesses to warn workers and visitors of the dangers in the workplace.

As a matter of fact, foot injuries are unfortunately really common in a lot of workplaces. That’s why wearing safety work shoes is so important, because it represents an easy and simple way to protect yourself.

For instance, anti-slippery shoes or clogs will help to prevent you from slipping by providing the wearer with excellent grip and comfort.

Things you should know before buying new safety work shoes

Nowadays, workers have a wide choice regarding the types of safety works shoes available on the market. Safety shoes and boots comes in many shapes, materials and styles: this gives people the chance to choose the right one according to the environment they work in, and why not, to the style they prefer.

Let’s have a look on the basic requirements that a safety shoe must meet to adequately protect the feet.

First of all, among the fundamental characteristics that a safety shoe must have to guarantee safety at work there’s impact and compression resistance.

That’s why most models on the market have been equipped with a steel toecap, which is able to protect the foot from falling objects and from any kind of crushing from heavy rolling items.

Metatarsal protection is also really important because it helps preventing injuries to the top of the foot.

Puncture and electric shock resistance are also very important for those who work in the construction field: nowadays you can also purchase a pair of work shoes specifically designed to protect you from any buildup of static electricity and to provide high levels of electrical insulation.

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